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Advantages of Microsoft Word

Why use Microsoft Word?

I have worked in the accounting profession for twenty-five years; During that time, there was a big push to reduce administrative costs. One of the biggest changes the industry has seen is the elimination of the typing group.

As the word processor developed, it allowed professionals to create their own documents, such as letters, memos and even brochures, which reduced the need for a dedicated secretarial section. The word processor has facilitated the integration of several documents (graphics, worksheets, etc.) quickly and easily, and has helped to simplify many of the cumbersome tasks within the office.

I first used Wordperfect in 1987 and quickly recognized how much time I could save by writing my own letters and memos. As an accounting professional, I constantly sent internal memos to several sections and the word processor not only allowed me to reduce typing errors thanks to the spell checker, but also reduced the time it took to write my note or letterhead to the recipients.

I discovered that Wordperfect is a bit difficult to use and, therefore, I was very happy when Microsoft Office was launched and our firm started using it: Microsoft standardized menus throughout the office suite and made it much easier to share different media.

Today I use Microsoft Word daily; I not only use it to write letters and memos, but it is also a very important tool in the creation of brochures and procedural documents. The ability to insert diagrams, worksheets and other means make it an essential tool for me in the office.

Advantages of Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word allows you to produce most of the documents traditionally created by a secretarial group or by a marketing department. It reduces the time and cost to produce the document and reduces the final result, since an administrative group dedicated to the production of documents is not required. Microsoft Word gives you the right tools to enable you to be productive.

The advantages of Word are wide and varied; Here are the main advantages:
• Integration: One of the most powerful features of Word is the ability to integrate any document with other means available in the Office package. It is easy to incorporate graphics, presentation materials, worksheets and any other medium created in the package. Because the link is dynamic, any document you create can be updated instantly when other media changes.

• Mail Merge: Microsoft Word facilitates the creation of personalized documents by using a list of names and addresses databases and merging them into your document. This is ideal for mass mailing of brochures or letters. The mail merge feature is intuitive and has a package that allows you to create many different documents, including postal labels.

• Collaboration: an outstanding feature in Microsoft Word is the ability to mark the document for changes, which allows a series of editors to modify and update the document and allow all users to see the changes made to the document.

• Templates: The good thing about Microsoft Word is that there are thousands of templates available, so it is very easy to create a brochure based on a template that someone has already designed. Most of the templates are very easy to use and very customizable, which allows you to produce dazzling final results.

Disadvantages of Microsoft Word

• Ribbon: Microsoft Office recently underwent a general overhaul to try to stop the rot with competing programs that steal market share. Part of this revision was to eliminate the tried and trusted menus and replace them with a simplified tape. While all the functionality is there, and you can find most of the menu items, it's just not intuitive. While experienced users will find what they want, new users will find it difficult to find all the features.

• Cost: Although Word is the best word processor available, it is very expensive. You can get free text processors that are almost as powerful as to meet the needs of most users.

• Large files: many files created with words will occupy a lot of memory. This may not be a big problem for many, but size can become a problem in computers with limited local storage.

• Complexity: most users will probably never use 50% of Word functionality. Complexity can actually be a deterrent, as some users will be intimidated by the available features. The tape presents some


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