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Best PC Gaming Ram 2018 DDR3 Memory Reviews

Have you ever wondered which is the best or most popular ram for games in a particular year? In this post, I will take a look at what most consumers think, as well as my opinion on which ram gives the best value for your money.
In addition, I have written a guide for everything you need to know about memory, as well as where you can go to see which ram is the most durable and has the lowest RMA rates. Before you leave, do not forget to participate in the open discussion area below.

Top 10 best rated PC RAM / memory for games
When it comes to ram players, they look for stability, reliability, speed and the best overall value for their money. This list of the top ten is based on customer comments, ratings and, most importantly, your comments in the voting section.
If you need to know if this ram is compatible with your motherboard, see the section of the learning guide below and the specifications of your motherboard. If you're building a PC, then make sure you buy ram completely so you can take advantage of the double data throughput you get with multi-channel kits.

# 1.) Corsair revenge (as seen in our survey)
Corsair's Vengeance ram is the most popular among today's players. It is fast, reliable and economical compared to other brands. Most are gravitating towards 4x4 GB sticks for a total of 16 GB. While it is true that you can upgrade to 32 GB, 16 GB is more than you need right now, and by the time you really need more, you probably want to build a new platform anyway.
The specifications for the model presented include 16GB (4 x 4GB) DDR3 SDRAM, speed 1600, synchronization 9-9-9-24, includes four-channel kit, 1.5V, and includes the limited warranty for life of Corsair.

2.) Kingston Technology HyperX
If you are looking for reliability, Kingston is one of the best options in the industry. With the lowest RMA rate in the industry, you will almost certainly get a kit that works well for several years. The HyperX, together with the Ripjaws series by G. Skill, is what I usually use. All other things being equal, you will want to choose the one with the best value at a given time.
Kingston also has faster models in the Genesis and XMP T1 series (faster) if it is willing to spend a little more.
Technical details: Cas Latency 9 DDR3 1600, 1.65V, dual channel kit included (also available in additional sizes) and includes a limited lifetime Kingston warranty.

3.) G. Skype Ripjaws Series
The Ripjaws series from G.Skill is available in a wide variety of packages, speeds and times, and is preferred by many PC Building enthusiast sites (such as Tom's Hardware). It is a winner of a super durable and high performance customer award that comes with a lifetime warranty for the manufacturer. I have used it in several different constructions and I never had a problem.

4.) Corsair Dominator
Corsair Dominator is a stable memory of extreme performance and overclocking that uses the Dual-path Heat Xchange cooling technology and comes with removable heat sinks. A lifetime guarantee is included.
The technical details for the presented model (CMP8GX3M2A1600C9) include 8GB (2 x 4GB) of DDR3 1600 RAM with 9-9-9-24 synchronization (Cas - 9) and are used as a dual channel kit.

5.) Corsair XMS3
The Corsair XMS3 is another really good option for your platform. It is available in all capacities, but I suggest you buy all the RAM you need at the same time to take advantage of the multi-channel architecture in order to take advantage of the best data performance.
Again, 16GB, in my opinion is enough, while 8GB should work most games without problems.

What type of Ram is the most reliable?
Does Kingston and G.Skill have lower RMA rates?
Although I question the source a bit on this particular topic, it is interesting to see the RMA rates for Ram.
While Corsair Vengeance may be the most popular type of ram, it is interesting to consider that Ram of Kingston and G.Skill have lower RMA rates.
Honorable Mention
G. Skill Sniper DDR3
The recently released G Skill Sniper Gaming series is already generating a stir in the gaming community. It is available in low voltage and a wide variety of kits and sizes. Lifetime warranty included.
ADATA DDR3 memory
Adata is a winner of the customer's choice for game memory. Its high performance ram includes its Xtreme, plus and series of games.
Patriot Extreme Performance Gaming Ram
The Patriot Extreme Ram series of performance games is 100% tested and tested with aluminum ram with lightweight heat dispersion protectors. Stable for overclocking and use of extreme performance. Lifetime warranty included.

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