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How to Activate Windows 7 & 8 for Free

If one day your personal computer starts to act and questions your Windows activation status, you may have to prepare for a series of activation settings.
Your preferred and optional fixes may involve getting help from Microsoft support services and using the Daz loader and other pirated tools.
If you choose to adjust your system using the latter option, keep in mind that Microsoft will install Windows Activation Technologies to counteract them.

Examples of Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) pop-up windows include:
• This copy of Windows is not original
• You may be the victim of a software counterfeit
Previous and similar notifications can happen due to the following:
• The original Windows installation may have disappeared for one reason or another. This even when you have purchased an original copy of the Windows installation DVD. You probably did not follow the activation instructions to the point and now you are paying the price.
• Or maybe he was scammed and bought an illegal copy of Windows DVD thinking it was genuine. This copy probably allowed Windows to run between 1 and 30 days.
• Many users knowingly buy and download illegal copies of Windows. They offer various excuses that are probably related to money or the lack of original copies of Windows software at the nearest retail stores.
• Finally, it is those who deliberately acquire illegal copies of Windows simply to make a statement against Microsoft. A handful of users still have a lot to choose from with the giant Redmond Corporation to continually charge for their operating systems. After all, other software corporations offer operating systems for PCs for free.
Now that you have decided to take the matter into your own hands, an activation solution will involve getting help from the Microsoft support team, while the other will mean passing Windows through the Daz loader or other activation tools that are in abundance online.

It is worth mentioning that you will have to pay for Windows if you were running a license-free copy of the operating system. However, if you just forgot to activate your copy, then it's good to go for you. First make sure that your copy of Windows is not original by typing: activate Windows in the search box.
You will be shown a window similar to the image below if your copy is original.
Otherwise, you will be notified that Windows is not original.

If you are the impatient type and you want your system to work again, it's time to get your hands dirty with a selection of pirate activation tools.
The different types of activation bypass exploits will work for different Windows. You may have to try several exploits until you find the right one for your system. But most of the time, any tool will do the job the first time.
It's also worth reminding yourself that WGA derivation hacks are loaded with malware. Exploitation tools can install Trojans and other malware backdoors that could expose your system to incalculable hacker exploits. In any case, that's what counterfeit software does to your computer.
It is also worth mentioning the alarms that the Antivirus software generates when it executes the crack. Different antivirus software will respond differently to various derivation software tools. You may want to temporarily disable the security software while running the file.
Keep in mind that disabling security software exposes your system to exploits built into the hacking tool. Do not say I did not warn you.
By default, all activation tools are designed to disable Windows activation errors. They basically invalidate WGA and prevent it from running.
Typical red alert pop-up windows as a result of WGA include:
• Reminder pop-up window to activate Windows
• Reminder that your copy of Windows is not original
• Emerging reminder that maybe a victim of software counterfeiting
• The black desktop background that will not disappear
• Information on the Windows version on the lower right side of the desktop
Popular activation exploits include:
• Windows Charger (Windows 7)
• KSMAuto (works with Windows (7 and 8) and Office suites (up to Office 2016))
• RemoveWAT (Windows 7)
• HAL7600 (Windows 7)
Decide one of the tools, google it and download it. Once downloaded, unzip the contents of the file on the desktop.
 Use Windows 7 Loader to activate Windows
For this illustration, we will use Windows 7 Loader v1.7.2 by Daz.

After unzipping the Windows 7 Loader folder, locate and run the Windows Loader.exe file. A window will appear


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