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How to Learn Touch Typing - A Complete Guide For Beginners

Touch Typing is a necessary skill

Today, when computers are ubiquitous and the need to be fast on computers is a necessity. Writing on the computer without looking at the keyboard or typing is the most necessary. Maybe you're in a job or you could be in college; Touch typing would really make life faster and easier.

So, here I present a simple one-page guide to learn to write. Consider this page as an intensive course to learn to play the type for free.

On this page, you will find how to use the ten fingers to write, which finger to use when pressing a letter with detailed and simple instructions with tips on easy ways to do it.

Basic concepts of Touch Typing

Touch typing basically means using the ten fingers to write. The difference between people who know how to type with typing or not is simply that. Each key on the keyboard is associated with a specific finger of your hand. At the beginning it can be difficult to use all the fingers, but as you give more time it becomes easier and faster.

Some of you may already have good typing speed but do not use all your fingers. This means that you are not using the full potential of your ability. The process of learning to write is boring. When it comes to benefits, they are immense. The time you spend learning this skill will be useful throughout your life.

Using Mnemonics and Almena Jingle

• Mnemonics: one of the most popular methods to remember the key location is to create your own mnemonic or rhyme. So far, for A, S, D, F could be All Said and Done Finally (middle row, left hand)

Let me try a little more:

• J, K, L - Just Keep Loving (Middle line, right hand)
• Q, W, E, R, T, Y: for a new student, this is the easiest to remember. Right? QWERTY design (upper row, left, except the letter Y)
• P, O, I, U, Y - Park Over In Upper Yard (top row, right hand)
• Z, X, C, V - Completed Zoology Exercise (Last row, left hand)
• M, N, B - Monika Never Bores (Last row, right hand)
• G, H - Go home (central row, middle keys)

The above is just an indication. The idea is to create your own mnemonics so that it is much easier to remember. It goes without saying that you can use my creation for your benefit.
• Jingle Battlement: Another way to remember is this jingle. A lady named Almena King created this to teach the keyboard to elementary school children. Undoubtedly, this can be used by people of any age group. Each sentence represents an alphabet that starts from the top down. The following is courtesy of

Quiet Aunt Zelda - little finger of the left hand

Want Something eXtra - ring finger of the left hand

Every dollar counts - middle finger of the left hand

Run from Vicky to get Betty - index finger of the left hand

You have nothing Uncle Joe is crazy - The index finger of the right hand

I'm King Comma - Right hand with the middle finger
In longer periods: right ring finger

Pretty - little finger of the left hand

More help with the right keyboard

I learned to write when I was in school and on a typewriter. These days, typewriters are more of an old article. Writing on a typewriter produced a sound and the feeling was quite different. I think that these mechanical typewriters made the whole process pleasant. I remember how we used to shoot the paper and all that. Sometimes the paper got stuck, in fact it was fun to fix it. Now, learning this with a typewriter may not be possible.

The second best is to get a good ergonomic keyboard that will help you learn this in the shortest possible time. The keyboard of my choice is IBM Model Mkeyboard. This is an old model but the keys are spaced correctly. Modern keyboards use a rubber switch under the buttons and are so soft that it is difficult for a new student to know whether he pressed it or not. While the model I suggested uses a buckling spring mechanism and that is a bit difficult for the fingers helps users overcome this problem. The durability of this keyboard is unquestionable. The one I bought 10-12 years ago is still consistent and functional.

Another important aspect is not looking at the keyboard while writing. Invariably, one looks at the keys in the stages of learning. To avoid this, use a special type of keyboard cover that hides the entire alphabet. This helps to register key positions in your subconscious mind, but I'm not a big fan of this.

Free 30-day course

In my opinion, if you can give about 45-60 minutes a day, you can learn this in 30 days. And for this, I'm delineating a specific 30-day daytime exercise that you can take. But finally the practice and dedication that


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