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User Interface design using a UserForm in Excel 2007 and Excel 2010

Guide for creating a user interface or dialog box in Excel 2007 and Excel 2010 using a UserForm
Hello and welcome to my last center in Excel. Today, we will seek to create a user interface using a UserForm. Every time Excel opens a window and asks you to enter data, this is done using a UserForm. Excel allows you to create your own so that you can easily collect data from the users of your spreadsheet. Each UserForm uses Visual Basic to allow users to interact with it. Visual Basic is used to:
• Add functionality to the UserForm
• To configure the various options available to users of our user interface, and finally,
• Handle a user entry in the UserForm, for example, to copy the user's entry in an Excel spreadsheet
UserForms has several advantages:
• They are easy and intuitive for users to use
• UserForms reduces the amount of manual data entry and the number of errors
• The data entry is controlled and the UserForm can verify the error so that the data is entered in your workbook in a consistent and accurate manner.
• A well-designed UserForm is visually stunning and will make the workbook look professional
In today's center, we will create our own UserForm for my hotel business. We will use several controls in the dialog box, which includes:
• Text boxes
• Combined boxes
• Option / Radio Buttons
• Turn buttons
In addition, the UserForm will start when the user clicks on a command button. The following figures show, first of all, the button used to start our reservation system, as well as the reservation interface and then the reservations entered in Excel using the interface:

The UserForm is executed by a series of Visual Basic scripts. These scripts configure all the controls that we have added and also add functionality to them. Without the Visual Basic code, the user could not interact with our user interface. The scripts we will add to the UserForm include:
• One that is executed when the UserForm starts and configures how all the buttons and boxes with which the user can interact
• Other allows the user to add another record
• Finally, there is one to close the user interface when the user clicks close
These scripts are covered in a separate center that covers all the scripts in great detail:

A UserForm allows you to create a fully configurable user interface for users of your Excel workbooks. UserForms:
• They are intuitive and easy to use
• Reduce errors and the amount of manual data entry
• The data can be placed directly in the UserForm workbook
• Error checking can be done in the entry before entering it in the worksheet
• Add visual impact and give your workbooks a professional appearance

In today's center, we created a UserForm that becomes a user interface for my custom hotel booking interface. We use several Controls to complete it, including Command Buttons, Combined Tables, Text Boxes, Turn Bars and finally Option and Radio Buttons. Thanks so much for reading; I hope you have found this hub useful and informative.


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